How Do I Choose the Best Pastry Wheel?

You might want to use a pastry wheel if you enjoy making fancy pastries. It’s helpful to know what kind of pastries you’ll be making and how you want them to look before picking one of these crimpers. You can get one of these tools with a wooden or metal handle, depending on which one is more comfortable for you to use. It’s a good idea to try out the wheel first to see if it’s simple to operate.

A pastry wheel can be used to cut dough or to add a decorative edge. Consider what kinds of designs you like when choosing a tool, and then look for a wheel with that pattern. If you want to use different edgings for different types of pastries, choosing one with interchangeable wheels is a good idea.

You may want to choose one with a dual wheel if you plan to cut pastries as well as give them a decorative trim. This pastry wheel has a straight edge on one side and a crimped edge on the other. The benefit of using one of these tools is that you won’t have to switch instruments while baking, potentially saving you time.

The handle on some pastry wheels is ergonomic, while the handle on others is straight. Tools with an ergonomic handle may cost a little more, but if you plan to use the wheel for a long time, the extra cost may be worth it. You can tell if one style is more comfortable to use than another by gripping several different handles.

You’ll probably need to clean your pastry wheel frequently, so think about how you’ll do it. Some of these tools can be washed in the dishwasher, which is a convenient method of doing so. Even if you can put a wheel in the dishwasher, it may not be able to remove dough from a serrated blade or from underneath the wheel. To ensure that the instrument is completely clean, look for one that can be disassembled before putting it in the dishwasher. If hand washing is recommended, look for sharp edges to ensure you don’t buy a tool that will cut you the first time you use it.