What Is Ham Quiche?

Ham quiche is a spin-off of the classic quiche recipe, which involves baking an egg, cream, and flour custard in a pie shell. The addition of cooked ham to the basic pie gives the custard a savory, hearty flavor. If enough ham is used, the strong flavor of the ham can be enhanced by the addition of different melting cheeses. Vegetables can also be added to make the quiche a more filling and balanced meal. Slices of ham quiche can be served with a tangy salad or dressed with fresh herbs and vegetable slices.

In a ham quiche, the meat can be almost any type of ham. Many recipes call for cubed cooked or boiled ham, but depending on the desired texture of the final pie, thinly sliced ham or even minced ham can be used instead. Other ingredients in the quiche, such as the amount of salt or the type of cheese, can be affected by the flavor of the ham. The dish is also popular as a way to use up leftover ham because it will be well integrated into a moist dish, masking any dryness in the meat.

In a ham quiche, cheese is frequently used. Swiss, Gruyere, or provolone are the most common cheeses used. The most important feature is that it melts well and does not form large cheese clumps inside the egg custard. Some quiche recipes call for mozzarella cheese, while others call for no cheese at all.

Ham quiche is frequently associated with two vegetables. The first is asparagus that has been cut into pieces, and the second is broccoli that has been diced. Other vegetables found in some recipes include finely cubed potatoes, spinach, and tomatoes.

A ham quiche’s basic recipe is similar to a standard quiche’s. Inside a pie shell, ham, vegetables, and occasionally cheese are layered. Over everything, a mixture of eggs, cream, and a thickener such as flour is poured and baked in an oven. The ingredients will begin to set in a custard contained by the pie shell as the egg cooks.

There are a few quick ham quiche recipes out there. One of these uses a traditional quiche filling with the addition of ham and mozzarella cheese. It’s baked in a pre-cooked pastry shell, then reheated in the microwave until the eggs are set. Some healthy versions use a crust made from whole grains or light cornbread, while others use small muffin tins to make individual quiches.